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At ahoy! our goal is simple:

to make email marketing for ecommerce smarter and simpler. Built by marketers, ahoy!’s data-driven Smart Campaigns and Automations take the guesswork out of email marketing by recommending designs, products, and audiences. Smarter, simpler email marketing means every email drives sales.

Why We Created ahoy!

To make email smarter
Segmented, targeted campaigns perform 20% better than mass blasts. Small businesses deserve the power of big data solutions only available to enterprises today.
To make email simpler
Smarter doesn’t have to mean more work. We knew there was a way to simplify campaign creation so it takes five minutes or less.
To put email marketing on autopilot
Let’s face it: small businesses hate dealing with email marketing. Automations like abandoned checkout, customer win-back and purchase follow-up series keep customers engaged when you don’t have time to.

Get to know the team that’s obsessed with making email marketing as simple as possible

Dan Waltzer
Elyse Albert
Garrett Seiger

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