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Targeted campaigns that let you run your business

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Recommended Audiences

We all know targeted email campaigns are important for maximum engagement. But knowing which segment to create and what content to send the members is (guess)work. For every campaign, ahoy! analyzes your email content and pairs that with transactions and previous email engagement to automatically suggest a group of subscribers most likely to engage with your email. Ta-da! A Recommended Audience.

Recommended Products

Not sure which products to promote in your emails, or don’t have a specific promo running? Drag-and-Drop an ahoy! Recommended Product into your email, and let ahoy! decide for you. ahoy! uses machine learning to recommend unique products for each subscriber receiving the campaign.

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Recommended Send Times

ahoy! magically learns which timezone each of your subscribers is in, and if you select Recommended Send Time, each subscriber will receive the email at the right time for their habits.