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Data-driven, smart segments so you can target like a pro

Treat Your Customers Like You Know Them

Online shopping doesn’t have to be impersonal. Loyal customers deserve to be treated as such, first-time customers need to learn about your brand, and at-risk customers should be reminded why your store is awesome. ahoy!’s intelligent software identifies trends among your customers based on store data -- think repeat purchasers, gift givers and the like -- and automatically creates segments so you can craft the right content for each category of customers.

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Create Your Own Data-Driven Segments

ahoy! offers a library of the most popular and effective segments for targeting, but it also offers the ability to create your own powerful segments in seconds. Simply define the parameters- like how many times customers have purchased, what they’ve purchased, and how they’ve interacted with your emails-  save the segment, and you’re set.

Parameters Based on Your Store & Marketing

ahoy!’s intelligence runs deep. Want to see a group of people who have purchased certain products within any time frame? Done. People who have purchased from an Abandoned Cart Series? People who have high average order values? Live in a certain area? Just click a few buttons.


Segment like a pro using these conditions:

Campaign Behavior

Automation Behavior


Purchase Behavior

List Attribute