Ah, the age-old question that makes all email marketing professionals squirm. The truth is, there’s no magic formula or one-size-fits-all solution. If you’re just getting started with email marketing, our recommended baseline is two times per week.

For existing marketers, the real answer is this: you should email as frequently as it helps your sales and customer loyalty and doesn’t hurt them. That means you should be sending exactly as many emails as you can without seeing a dip in your engagement rates or conversions. This also means that the answer will be different for different segments of your subscribers.

I know, that sounds pretty overwhelming and unhelpful. But we are nothing if not here to help, and if you haven’t already tried ahoy!, which comes with built-in frequency caps based on individual customer behavior, our first tip is….duh, get ahoy! Jokes and sales pushes aside, here are a few practices you can put into place to learn how frequently to email your customers:

Look into your past: Analyze your email frequencies from previous months to see if what you’ve been sending has worked. Did you send the same number of emails each month? Is there a correlation between email frequency and unsubscribe rates spiking? If not, speaking generally, your subscribers can probably handle more emails.

Segment your list: Pull lists of customers by percentage of opens (ignoring customers who have received fewer than 5 emails), and split them into 2-4 categories. Send your least engaged customers only the most exciting and important content, and ramp up your emails to the most engaged portion of your list. Try to reevaluate this on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Send quality content: If you increase the frequency of your emails, you’d better have relevant content to fill them with. If customers receive daily emails with the same deals, they will most likely become bored. Before changing the amount of emails you send, sit down and plan what exactly you’ll be sending with each blast. Do you have nothing to share? Don’t send an email for the sake of sending an email.

Ask: We know, a novel idea. Sometimes all it takes is a simple survey. Ask your customers if you’re sending not enough, the perfect amount of, or too many emails. Depending on responses, you can create follow-up surveys about the type of content they want to see more and less of, and you can create great segments based on responses.