When using an email marketing service (such as ahoy!, of course), the ability to automate your email campaigns is a huge benefit. With automations, you can easily keep customers engaged and interested with minimal effort.

That being said, if ALL of your emails are automated, your company may come across as robotic. It’s important to know where to draw the line with automations, which is why we’re here to help!

Emails that you SHOULD automate:

Welcome Emails
This is your opportunity to make a positive first impression on customers. In an automated welcome email, be sure to thank the customer for subscribing, review their subscription settings (and allow them to adjust), and promote your best deals and products!

Abandoned Cart Emails
More than 70% of all online shopping carts get abandoned. So, running an automated abandoned cart series is key. This way, you can give customers the final nudge to go through with the purchases they’re putting off.

Related Product Emails
Do you ever check out the “you might also like…” section in emails from amazon? Suggesting related products to customers is an amazing and easy way to upsell, especially when it’s put on autopilot. Luckily, related product emails are super simple with ahoy!

Order Confirmations
This might be an obvious one, but every customer wants immediate confirmation that their order went through. Also, updates when the products ship and are delivered are valuable as well.

Confirmation and Reminder Emails for Events/Webinars
If you’re hosting an event or webinar, definitely send an automated confirmation immediately after each sign-up. Then, send a reminder email one day before and one hour before the event. Trust us, your attendees will be grateful.

Emails that you SHOULDN’T automate:

Customer Service Responses
In order to give the best customer service experience, your emails should be personal and empathetic. If someone’s contacting customer service, they want to hear from a person, not a computer.

Sales Emails
If you have experience in sales, this may seem obvious. But, sales emails should be personalized and should demonstrate your interest in working with the company. We recommend creating email templates for sales that you adjust and proofread each time you send out a cold sales email.

With ahoy!, you can easily segment your email list, create automated email campaigns, and send out new branded emails in just a few minutes. Let’s get started!