Are you debating hiring professionals to do your email marketing for you? Ask yourself the following questions to see if it’s the right fit for you.

What kind of email revenue, and return on my spend, am I looking for? For some businesses, working with an email agency is simply cost prohibitive. If your number of subscribers is modest, your online business fairly slow, your average order value low, and/or your sales cycle is very long, an agency may not be the right fit for you. However, increasing these numbers may come down to improving your email marketing – so investing in an email platform that’s easy to use and can drive ROI is key.

How much time does email marketing take me right now? Ideal email agency clients fall into one of two buckets for this. The first is that email would be extremely valuable to their businesses, but they barely have any time to dedicate to email marketing and simply aren’t getting many emails out. The emails that do go out are simply designed with repetitive content, resulting in little engagement. The second is that email is successful but taking up an extraordinary amount of time and resources, and you’d be better off partnering with an agency to free up some time.

How innovative are my campaign ideas? My email designs? One of the major benefits of working with an agency is that unique, creative and effective ideation comes from them. At Ahoy, we suggest monthly content calendars full of campaign ideas, including new automations to implement and promotions to run for different customer segments. On the design side, the benefit of working with professionals is their team of creative resources. Multiple designers are putting their heads together to come up with the best-looking, most eye-catching email designs for you that are at the forefront of the email design world.

How do I measure the success of my email campaigns? Do you have a good grasp of your nitty-gritty email analytics? Are you segmenting your customers to optimize and personalize content for them? Sending any dynamic content? That’s certainly an advantage to working with a team, and the analytics also have many applications outside of email. Often, these insights allow you to nail down your customer targeting on other channels.

How’s my deliverability? Are your open rates and click rates through the roof? There is almost always room for improvement. If your results are lagging behind industry standards or dropping off, an agency can perform deliverability audits and learn how to increase your campaign results.

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