Black Friday is just one month away, so if you haven’t thought about your marketing strategy, now is the time to start. Though Black Friday will look very different this year, it will still be your biggest sale of the year, and with retailers operating online, digital marketing is even more important this holiday season. As we’ve mentioned before, email marketing is the form of digital marketing that tends to perform the best, so let’s cover the bases for your 2020 Black Friday email marketing strategy.

Make sure your subscriber list is ready to go.

Prior to launching your sales, your primary goal should be to grow your subscriber list. Here are 6 easy ways to get people to hit that ‘subscribe’ button.

Prepare your audience.

Another step to take before launching your sale is to send out valuable content that will make your subscribers excited for your biggest sale. Newsletters and Holiday gift guides are fool-proof ideas.

Start early.

Lots of brands will be hopping on this bandwagon, so it might be worthwhile to start your sale a week or two early.

Make it your BEST sale.

In order to be competitive, you should be giving your absolute best discounts and deals over the course of the weekend.

The more emails, the merrier.

Over the course of the weekend, there is no such thing as too many emails. We recommend sending about four emails per day between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Send boost emails and follow-ups.

Not all of your emails should be going to the entire subscriber list. Try sending boost or follow-up emails to those who either didn’t open or didn’t click through your previous emails.

Get creative, but keep your brand recognizable.

We definitely encourage the use of creative Holiday themes and graphics in your emails, but make sure to keep your brand’s recognizable colors, fonts, and images present. Also, make sure that your discount is the focal point of the email.

Incorporate some psychology.

Evoke feelings of urgency and FOMO to get your customers to convert. By stating that a product is almost sold out or that the sale is ending soon, they’ll be much more likely to make a purchase immediately.
The evidence will speak for itself.

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019, one ecommerce store sent a total of 1,529,815 emails and 19 follow-ups for different promotions and segments. As a result, they made $210,479 in revenue.

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